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superyacht at sea

We specialize in technical management, interior and exterior refits, and supplying spare parts and maintenance. We are also skilled at sourcing rare and hard-to-find equipment.

At our company, we value professionalism and aim to provide reliable and efficient service in a friendly manner. We have a global support network to help us meet your needs and fulfill your requests.


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Interior and exterior refits refer to the process of updating and renovating the interior and exterior of a vessel. This can include anything from cosmetic updates and upgrades to the design and layout of the interior space, to the installation of new systems and equipment. Exterior refits may include updates to the hull, deck, or superstructure of the vessel.

Supplies for large refits refer to the materials, equipment, and other resources needed to complete the refit process. These can include everything from tools and machinery to replacement parts and finishes. Sourcing and managing these supplies is an important part of the refit process, as it can significantly impact the timeline and budget of the project.

Overall, refits are a major undertaking that require careful planning and coordination to ensure that the work is completed efficiently and to the highest standards.



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​Rare or hard-to-find equipment refers to items that are difficult to locate or obtain due to their rarity or uniqueness. These may be specialized components or systems that are not commonly used or available on most vessels. Acquiring such equipment can be a challenge, as it may require extensive searching and negotiation with specialized suppliers or manufacturers.

In the maritime industry, obtaining rare or hard-to-find equipment may be necessary to complete a specific project or to maintain a vessel's operations. It may also be necessary to source such equipment in the event of a breakdown or failure of a critical component. Those with expertise in sourcing rare or hard-to-find equipment are valuable assets, as they can help organizations secure the necessary components and equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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