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Delta Marine Trading | Commercial and Private | Offices Based in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and France


Meridian 5G creates, produces, and supports 4G/5G tech for fast, reliable, and secure internet on superyachts, cruise ships, research vessels, and river cruises. Our tech can extend 4G/5G coverage up to 60 miles, handle fluctuating signals in ports, and offer global data contracts. It can provide faster internet at lower prices than satellite, allowing 4G/5G to be the primary source of internet with satellite as backup. Our tech is used by over 500 superyachts, including Luna, Radiant, Moonrise, Barbara, Lady Moura, IJE, Musashi, Ragnar, Elysian, and more. We also serve research vessels like Falkor of Schmidt Ocean Institute.

Motoryacht RADIANT

Lurssen, 110 meters

Richard Sandilands

AVIT Engineer

"We've had Meridian 5G's technology since early 2015. Over years we've relied on their expertise as well as their technology that without doubt outperforms any other 4G/5G device out there."

Motoryacht ROSE PIGRE

Royal Denship, 45 meters

Pietro Salini


"We cruised in South Italy and Ionian Islands, and we had great offshore coverage with good connection (50 Mbits) until about 90 km from Cephalonia in our direct trip back to Messina strait.

Highly recommend Meridian DOME, support and SIM data."

Motoryacht ELYSIAN

Lurssen, 66 meters

James Stockdale


"We have had positive results in every location we have cruised which include: West Palm Beach, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, USVI, Antigua and St Vincent & the Grenadines.


We chose to install the modems in our existing VSAT dome. Installation was simple and done by the crew in less than a day. One of the big advantages is that we did not need to install an “antenna farm” and therefore have no issues with signal loss with long coax cable runs.


The support has been great, and the team are always available to assist to ensure that we are connected to the optimum bands available for the given location."

Motoryacht SAMAR

Devonport Yachts, 77 meters

Alex Vujcic


"We used to follow the path of many yachts, using Pepwave devices which simply couldn't provide reliable and fast enough internet even when in ports.


As many ETO's onboard yachts will relate to this, using the antennas with coax cables is often a huge source of problem. With Meridian router, everything is in one place and there's no signal loss, corroded cables, and constant need for monitoring.


If you add increased internet speed, reliability, and fantastic support, this solution makes a huge difference, for everyone onboard."

Private Motoryacht

Oceanco, 90 meters

90m Motoryacht


"I have been using the Meridian systems for years now, and we just upgraded to their DOME system (Panel Version) in January.

Very happy with the performance in the Caribbean. Seeing good speeds even at 60km offshore in Saint Vincent Grenadines & ABC Islands.

Just had multiple kids & adults on Zoom/home school meetings at the same time and all worked without any issues.

I also like the new admin console. Clean interface, works very well and responds instantly."

Motoryacht MUSASHI

Feadship, 88 meters

Phil Golding


"During sea trials once under way I ran some basic speed tests using Ookla.

Musashi 1 (PS) connected to the US datacentre hit a max speed of 90mbps down at approximately 15nm from the closest point of land.

Musashi 2 (SB) connected to the UK datacentre hit a max download speed of 222mbps at approximately the same range!

In reality of course it’s much further because they are connecting to cell towers further inland."


Hakvoort, 39 meters

Aleksey Kuyevda

Chief Engineer

"2020: Conference calls became more important than ever, and our Pepwave connection dropping out, Zoom conference calls constantly stalled. I found Meridian's DOME, the concept made a lot of sense, and it delivered more than expected.

We had coverage in Albania at 75km away from the nearest tower (we were still connected to Wind in Italy) and got 50 Mbps down. I am more than impressed and highly recommend their product and service (they have exceptional service and support)."

Motoryacht LADY JADE

Inace, 40 meters

Daniel Teodoru


"Quick and easy installation. My guests do a lot of video calls, video streaming and have had no problems with buffering.

Range offshore - the maximum distance was 46,3 NM, it was good enough for emails, grab files download, etc … we do not use VSAT.

We also subscribe to Meridian’s bonding and support package. Service is why I use Meridian in the first place and they never let me down."

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